how to care computer

On this occasion, I will share about, how to care computer.

Human computer is a tool whose primary purpose is to make the task becomes increasingly lighter, then the computer needs to our care to remain durable and can be used until the following year.

how do I do to take care of the computer are as follows:

1. Clean rooms or work rooms of large and small dirt (dust), so that dirt does not get into the hole computer
2. Clean all components of the computer regularly and periodically, do not wait for the computer is damaged. Can you wash it with water or clean with a brush
3. Give the maximum cooling for the computer and not too much, so that power consumption remains the standard
4. Routine control processor temperature, can use the software cpu cool, Speccy and others, not to idle more than 50%
5. Do not install heavy program
6. Install the program is not important
7. Do check the hard drive, can use the command prompt (cmd) type checkdisc or can use the HD tune
8 Defrag the hard drive of at least 1 time in 1 month
9. Do not play games on the computer, because it will damage the hard disk platter
10 Keep away from sun radiation
11. Keep away from the floor, because the temperature of the floor and the laptop is very different
12. Keep out of the danger magnet
13. Use the stabilizer and UPS for avoiding sudden power outages
14. Chassing open for air circulation smooth and free
15. out of time, not too forsir computer and forced

enough, hopefully my post with the title the way care is useful for your computer
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